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About Us

We develop and market a range of professionally endorsed healthcare products to South Africa and other selected African countries

iNova Pharmaceuticals develops, markets and sells a range of non-prescription pharmacy products and prescription medicines to over 20 countries across Asia, Australasia, and Africa.

To be a diversified healthcare company and partner of choice delivering branded products & solutions to patients and consumers in Asia, Australasia and Africa

iNova Pharmaceuticals owns and distributes a well known and trusted range of category leading brands. This portfolio includes weight management, cough and cold, throat, pain management, vitamins, health supplements, dermatology, cardiology, respiratory health, allergy and female health products.


iNova is a proud member of Self-Care Association of South Africa.

We are committed to ethical marketing practices and promotional activities that are intended to benefit patients and enhance the practice of medicine. Compliance with the South African Code of Marketing Practice is mandatory for Self-Care Association members. As a member of Self-Care Association we believe that ethical marketing and promotion of medicines adds value to our work. The environment in which we operate is so complex and uncertain, Self-Care Association provides a strong support structure to work within that mirrors iNova’s own values as a company